Privacy Policy

Privacy & Sharing of Information

It is the commitment of the technicians & assistants of Quartz Mind, Body & Skin Clinic & the Practitioners & assistants of Dr. Paaras Kaur ND, Inc. to maintain the principles of integrity and trust with respect to the protection of personal information. As part of our commitment, we will protect the privacy of personal information of employees, clients, customers and other individuals whose personal information we collect, use and disclose. We are committed to complying with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (the “Act”) and all other applicable privacy laws.

Confidentiality Policy

At Quartz Mind Body & Skin Clinic Inc. we understand that beauty and health treatments are a very private matter. We invite you to come and relax in our private facility, where we carefully ensure a strict confidentiality policy.

The practitioners of Dr. Paaras Kaur ND Inc., who provide Naturopathic and aesthetic services at Quartz Mind Body & Skin clinic located at 12810 16th Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia are required to maintain patient confidentiality as per the bylaws of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC (CNPBC). Your personal information is collected for the purpose of providing treatments to you and will be disclosed to Quartz Mind Body & Skin Clinic Inc. for administrative purposes. Quartz Mind Body & Skin Clinic Inc. will handle the personal information in accordance with the bylaws of the CNPBC. Your personal information will not be disclosed for any other purposes without your consent other than for reasons stated in the bylaws of the CNPBC. A copy of these bylaws may be found at the CNPBC website ( or we will print a copy of the relevant section for you at your request.