IV Therapy

Quartz IV Therapy

Quartz Mind, Body + Skin Clinic is a leader in Naturopathic Medicine, and with that comes our IV drip therapy in Surrey, BC, specializing in IV Therapy and Intramuscular shots. Whether you are recovering from strenuous exercise, looking to strengthen your immune system, preparing for a medical procedure, feeling run down, or have a more specific condition you’re seeking support for, this may be something to inquire about.

IV Therapies

Mini Myers

Supports your immune system and helps fight infections. May also boost your energy levels.


Helps with hydration and reducing fatigue from dehydration. It can be helpful for hangovers.


May enhance energy levels, improve concentration and focus, promote better sleep, and assist in detoxifying harmful substances from the body.


Supports mental clarity and may provide anti-aging benefits.

Booster Shots

Intermuscular Injections, B12, Vitamin D, Mic + So Much More

*Terms and conditions apply. Treatments are subject to eligibility, availability and consultation with a healthcare professional.

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Our Medical Aestheticians and Naturopathic Doctors know that every body is different. During our Consultation we will discuss your goals and concerns, explore the variety of treatment options available and together we can design a treatment plan using our Quartz Method that works best for you.