Cold & Flu

6 Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Do you usually get sick in the winter?

When the weather gets colder, the leaves change from green to gold, and the warm sunny days turn to cold, misty mornings — it’s time to look at our health habits. Our bodies and immune systems take time to adjust to the colder temperatures, which can give us a window of opportunity to get sick.

Below are some tips to help support your immune system (on top of washing your hands!)

Immune System Tip #1 Eat for the Season

Eat for the Season

Aim to eat cooked and easy to digest foods (stews, soups, roasted food, etc.) and avoid cold, raw veggies and icy drinks.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with warm/hot water (herbal tea) or room temperature water. Bonus if it is Mineral rich water (Santevia or concentrate minerals).

Protect Your Neck

The back of our neck is extremely sensitive to temperature. This can result in a significant change in our core body temperature, leaving us prone to colds and flus. Make sure to bundle up!

In traditional Chinese medicine, the neck and shoulders are our “wind gates” and when left open an “evil wind” can enter our body and make us sick.

Immune System Tip #2 Protect Your Neck
Immune System Tip #3 Supplements


Vitamin D3 can help prevent major inflammatory responses, dampen how extreme a fever you endure and shorten the duration of the cold/flu.

Now is a great time to explore what type of supplements are best for your individual needs. 

Book a mini consult with an ND to learn more.

IV Therapy & IM Injections

Our Naturopathic Doctors have created immune modulating IV formulations and IM Injections specific to colds/flus. (Most people are a good candidate for 100ml bags but blood testing may be required for larger doses).

Immune System Tip #4 IV Therapy and IM Injections
Immune System Tip #5 Reduce Alcohol

Reduce Alcohol

Take it easy on the alcohol and brace yourself for bigger events. Alcohol is a known depressant of not only mood and sleep but also of the immune system as it destroys our gut biome. Our gut biome supports our mental health, metabolic health, hormonal health and immunological health. Be nice to your GUT!

Improve Sleep Quality

Make sure you’re getting your ZZZ’s during fall and winter. Not only is it anti-aging, blood sugar regulating, but deep and good quality sleep between 9pm and 6am is actually immunomodulating too!

Immune System Tip #6 Improve Sleep Quality

Dr. Helena Zurekova ND

Naturopathic Doctor + IV Doctor

Dr. Zurekova is one of our passionate Naturopathic Doctors who is genuinely interested in understanding and helping you achieve a better state of health from the inside out, at your pace.

Dr. Nav Dhindsa ND

Naturopathic Doctor + IV Doctor

Dr. Dhindsa is deeply committed to addressing the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of well-being with a focus on pain management in acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.
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