Body Shaping

Emsculpt Neo

What It Does

The Emsculpt Neo is the first device to eliminate fat cells and build muscle non-invasively by a unique combination of RF (Radio Frequency) heating and HIFEM+ (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) in the same treatment. The most common areas to have treated are the Abdomen and Buttocks. In addition to these areas, the Thighs, Calves and Upper Arms can also be treated. 


  • Reduces Fat
  • Increases Muscle
  • Lifts and enhances the shape and curvature of the backside
  • Defines muscles in the arms, abdomen and legs
  • No downtime

What to Expect

During Treatment

Emsculpt Neo treatments are relatively quick, each area taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. During the treatment, constant muscle contractions and heat are felt. At the time of your consult, we may offer a short, complimentary session so this sensation can be experienced prior to your first treatment.

Recommended Sessions

4-6 initial sessions
Ongoing, future treatments are required to maintain results
Multiple areas can be treated in the same session.



Our Medical Aestheticians and Naturopathic Doctors know that every body is different. During our Consultation we will discuss your goals and concerns, explore the variety of treatment options available and together we can design a treatment plan using our Quartz Method that works best for you.