Medical Weight Loss Program

How It Works

At Quartz we offer a supervised 4-week intensive weight loss program with weekly visits, dietary and lifestyle guidelines, and medical injections. It is highly effective in quick fat loss when combined with a specific high-protein diet for the appropriate amount of time.

What It Does

The average weight loss for one four-week cycle on the Medical Weight Loss program is 15-30 lbs with an average loss of 3-5lbs per week. Individuals usually lose more weight in the first 2-4 weeks and some lose as much as 10-12 lbs in the first week. Programs are individualised and weekly appointments are set to assess progress, administer an in-house energy shot and discuss any concerns and provide support. Daily injections are prepared and provided for one week at a time and education is provided regarding self-injecting the HCG. We have meal plan suggestions as well.

What to Expect

During Treatment

The key to successful weight loss is; to use pharmaceutical medical injections, to follow a strict diet and maintenance protocol, and to be under the direct supervision of a physician. A full patient medical history and complete lab testing is needed prior to any patient going on the HCG program. Using HCG alone will not result in safe, long-term weight loss.

After Treatment

Post-treatment plan is equally important so as to maintain the achieved weight loss.



Our Medical Aestheticians and Naturopathic Doctors know that every body is different. During our Consultation we will discuss your goals and concerns, explore the variety of treatment options available and together we can design a treatment plan using our Quartz Method that works best for you.