Therapeutic PRP

What It Does

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been advocated for healing and regeneration.

How It Works

The increased levels of growth factors and proteins provided by the PRP may enhance the wound healing process. Therapeutically, in areas of tissue damage, such as strained ligamentous, tendinous tissue and cartilage, it can prove beneficial in enhancing the rate of healing.


  • Ligament sprains/strains (eg. ACL, PCL, AC joint etc)
  • Muscle tears
  • Post-surgery tissue healing and scar reduction
  • Tendon injuries (tendonitis, tendonosis, rupture)
  • Rectus abdominis tears – postpartum

What to Expect

During Treatment

Your blood will be drawn, then placed in a centrifuge which spins the blood very quickly to separate and then collect the Plasma. The Plasma is then injected into the area of concern.

After Treatment

Pain can worsen for up to 3 days post treatment.

Recommended Sessions

3 initial sessions
Ongoing maintenance is required

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Our Medical Aestheticians and Naturopathic Doctors know that every body is different. During our Consultation we will discuss your goals and concerns, explore the variety of treatment options available and together we can design a treatment plan using our Quartz Method that works best for you.